Alleged Incident

The University has been made aware of an alleged incident on the Fredericksburg campus during the early morning hours of Thursday, September 6, that involved verbal harassment and physical assault.  UMW students and non-students were involved in the alleged altercation. The incident is under investigation, and any violations of the University’s Code of Conduct will be adjudicated by the Office of Judicial Affairs and Community Responsibility.

As an academic community, expectations of civility and respect are essential to positive engagement and learning.  Differences in the community are expected to further dialogue and self-understanding, but failure to share ideas respectfully is contrary to the Mary Washington way. UMW takes issues of civility and community values very seriously.

I encourage clear communication of the facts (not rumors or generalizations) to prevail in any discussion related to this matter.  It is imperative that our community engage in balanced dialogue which promotes greater understanding and reinforces UMW’s Statement of Community Values as noted below.

Statement of Community Values

The University of Mary Washington is an academic community dedicated to the highest standards of scholarship, personal integrity, responsible conduct, and respect for the individual. We hold among our foremost common values:

  • The importance of personal integrity as reflected in adherence to the Honor Code
  • The right of every individual to be treated with dignity and respect at all times
  • The appreciation of and respect for diversity in our community and adherence to the University’s Principles on Diversity and Inclusion and the University’s Statement of Non-Discrimination
  • The freedom of intellectual inquiry in the pursuit of truth
  • We accept responsibility to help create the environment we strive to achieve. We will live up to these values and work to support our collective and individual successes.
  • As members of the University community, we will not condone behavior that compromises or threatens these values.

Approved by the University of Mary Washington Board of Visitors
February 19, 2011

–Doug Searcy
Vice President for Student Affairs


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