Classes Canceled for Monday, Oct. 29 at All UMW Campuses

Due to the potential severity of Hurricane Sandy, the University of Mary Washington is canceling all day and evening classes on Monday, Oct. 29, 2012 on all campuses (Fredericksburg, Stafford and Dahlgren). All administrative and staff offices will be closed and all activities have been canceled, including the 1st District Congressional Debate.  Designated essential personnel should report at their regular times. Please monitor the University’s website at or call the Information Hotline at (540)654-2424 for further announcements.

For more information on Emergency Procedures at the University, please refer to UMW Weather information is available at

For residential students:

The University’s Emergency Operations Team (EOT) has been activated and is engaged in storm preparation for the campus. For more information on Emergency Procedures at the University, please refer to

Here are some things you can be doing to prepare for the storm:


  • We are recommending that all students begin “sheltering-in-place” at 1 p.m. on Monday, October 29. “Shelter-in-place” means that we are asking that you stay inside your residence hall until the Emergency Operations Team determines that it is safe to move about campus. Please be aware that there is the potential for significant tree damage and downed power lines and, even after the shelter-in-place has been lifted, you need to proceed with caution!
  • Visit Campus Dining between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Monday to enjoy lunch and pick up your dinner meal items for Monday and your breakfast items for Tuesday.  Even if you don’t intend to eat lunch, you should go and get food so that you do not have to go out during the storm. The Underground will be closed all day on Monday. All remaining dining locations will close at 1 p.m. on Monday. No dining locations will be open for dinner on Monday or breakfast on Tuesday.
  • Residence Life staff will continue to inform you about the status of meals and will be available for assistance and support during the storm.
  • Think about a light source if power goes out.  If you have a flashlight, check the batteries. DO NOT USE CANDLES. Building staff will have flashlights and all buildings are equipped with emergency lighting, however, it will be helpful if you have a light source that isn’t your cell phone.
  • Do you have medication that requires refrigeration?  If so, borrow/buy a cooler or insulated bag and have some ice in the nearest refrigerator to add if power is lost.
  • Fully charge cell phones, laptops, handheld games, iPods, etc. prior to the storm.
  • Do not use the elevators during the storm. If the power goes out, the elevators will stop operating and individuals in the elevators at that time might not be able to get out. Residents of Eagle Landing, Randolph and Mason can continue to use the elevators as they are on a backup generator.
  •  It is possible that cell service will go down during the storm. Please make contact with your family and friends prior to the storm, let them know you are okay and what you are doing to stay safe. Let them know that it is possible that you’ll lose cell service.

On your own for personal comfort:

  • Pick up some snacks that do not need heating or electricity to prepare. There is always a chance that we will experience a power outage during the storm. Bottled water is also a good idea.
  • Do you have board games? Cards? A book light? Your residence hall staff will also be conducting activities to keep people occupied in the event of a power outage. Check with your RA for more information.

We strongly recommend that you do not leave the building during the storm for your own safety.  Again, we are expecting high wind and torrential rain conditions that may cause tree damage and fallen limbs across campus.

Your residence hall staff will be your point of contact during the storm. It is essential that you follow their directions. They will be in direct contact with the Emergency Operations Center during the storm and will be providing updates as needed. In addition, Residence Life will take a census of all students in residence halls at some point on Monday evening.  Please be sure to check in with your RA.


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