Apogee Res Net Wireless Down

UPDATE 8:00 PM, 12/13/13

Apogee reported that the wireless issues have been resolved.  If students are experiencing continued issues please contact Apogee customer service.


Originally posted 12/13/13 – 5:10 PM

The UMW Help Desk has confirmed with Apogee Res Net support that the Apogee wireless network is currently experiencing unscheduled downtime.  Apogee technicians are working on the problem.

Wired connections in residence halls should not be affected, so if students can physically plug into the network they should have internet access available.

If students are experiencing further issues with Apogee, please contact their 24/7 customer support:

Phone:  1-877-478-8808
Text:  ResNet to 84700
Email:  Support@myResNet.com

Updates will be posted here as we receive them from Apogee.