Important Notice from University Police

A store clerk at the 7-Eleven on Dandridge St., just off of Route 1 near the University campus, was stabbed shortly after 3:30 this morning. The suspect is a black male, approximately 5’9″ wearing jeans and a black sweater or jacket.

The suspect was last seen fleeing on foot heading north on Route 1, which is the general direction of the University’s parking deck. Police are actively patrolling the area. Be cautious. Immediately report any sightings or suspicious activity to 911, or contact University Police at 654-1025.

As of this time, no University students or employees were involved in this incident.

Safety tips: Do not approach this individual. Remain aware of your surroundings, Always exercise caution when out late at night, especially in the vicinity of convenience stores or gasoline stations that may become targets of robbery.

About Anna Billingsley

Anna B. Billingsley, associate vice president for university relations, has worked at UMW since 2004.

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