Updated Message From UMW Police

Fredericksburg Police are continuing to investigate the stabbing of a store clerk this morning, March 20, at the 7-Eleven, on Augustine Avenue off Route 1 near UMW’s Fredericksburg campus. The store clerk has been released from the hospital.

The suspect is described as a black male, 25-30 years old, under 5’9″ and weighing less than 220 pounds.  He was wearing a black hoodie and jeans.  The suspect is still being sought through patrol by the Fredericksburg and UMW Police Departments.

While the immediate threat is reduced, police urge the UMW community to continue to be aware of their surroundings. Always exercise caution when out late at night, especially in the vicinity of convenience stores or gasoline stations that may become targets of robbery.

Report any conduct of suspicious or unusual nature immediately to UMW Police at (540) 654-1015 or by dialing 4444 from any campus telephone.



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