Giving Opportunities

More than 30,000 alumni call Mary Washington their alma mater. As an alumnus, you no doubt have special memories of your time on campus—a favorite professor, special friends, even graduation.

Today, students at Mary Washington are doing many of the same things you once did. They are studying and preparing for life in the real world. You can help open doors for these students by making a gift.

Fund for Mary Washington
Make an unrestricted gift to support the Fund for Mary Washington and demonstrate your commitment. In the past few years, Mary Washington has achieved favorable rankings in several national and regional publications, all of which are contingent upon strong levels of alumni support. Your support of the Fund for Mary Washington helps maintain the level of academic excellence for which you are proud, and for which we are known.

Leaving a Legacy
Many alumni choose to establish a scholarship at UMW. You can endow and name a scholarship, or you can set up a planned gift to make a greater impact as part of your estate plan. Your gift to support students and programs is a great way to showcase your loyalty and dedication to Mary Washington.