FAQ’s – About the Construction


* When will construction be completed?

Construction is expected to extend through summer 2015, with the facility opening for fall 2015.

* Why did we need a new University Center?

- to meet the evolving needs of students and to improve the dining facilities on campus. Student feedback has consistently noted the inadequacies of space at the current Woodard facility, long lines at Seacobeck, minimal student office space, and lack of meeting space in general.

* What will the new University Center offer?

When complete, the entry level (2nd floor) will offer a warm and welcoming space, envisioned to be the “campus living room.”  This level will have ample soft seating and a working fireplace, and will contain a small retail bookstore. The 3rd floor will contain offices spaces for student organizations, the Multicultural Center, Center for Honor, Leadership and Service, and VP for Student Affairs, along with numerous small and large meeting rooms. The main dining room and seating will be on the 4th floor. The ballroom, kitchen, and dining offices are on the 1st floor.

* Will the dining room space be larger?

The dining spaces will offer seating to more students at one time than can currently be accommodated in Seacobeck.  

* What are the hours of construction?

Once the main construction activity begins, the general construction schedule is expected to be 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. each weekday.

* What about construction noise?

Every effort will be made to limit the most concussive activities until later in the morning.

* Will construction disrupt the many activities/events on Ball Circle?

Most of the green space will be available for special events, including graduation.

* Will construction close part of the sidewalk along College Ave.?

If a portion of the sidewalk has to be blocked at various times, a safe alternative will be provided for foot traffic.

Chandler Hall questions

* How will the academic departments now in Chandler Hall be accommodated?

The psychology and business administration departments will be temporarily relocated to GW Hall and the Annex and will be moved permanently to Woodard and Mercer halls once renovations to those buildings are complete.

*Will the Chandler clock and columns be saved for the new building?

Neither the clock nor the columns can be used in the new building; however,  attempts will be made to reclaim the clock and the column “caps” for other uses.