FAQ’s – About the Building

University Center

Why did we need a new University Center?

A new campus center was planned to meet the evolving needs of students and to improve the dining facilities on campus.  Student feedback for a number of years has consistently noted the inadequacies of space at the current Woodard facility, the crowded conditions resulting in long lines at Seacobeck, and the minimal student office space in Seacobeck. 

What will the new University Center offer?

The new University Center was envisioned to be the “campus living room.”  When complete, the entry level will offer a warm and welcoming space, with ample “soft” seating and a working fireplace.  Level by level, the building will contain: 

1st floor
Retail bookstore “spirit shop”; Ballroom

2nd floor
Student offices and meeting space   

3rd floor
Multicultural Center; Center for Honor, Leadership and Service; Vice President for Student Affairs

4th floor
Dining Room

* Will the dining room space be larger?

The dining spaces will offer seating to more students at one time than can currently be accommodated in Seacobeck.   

* Will the faculty/staff dining room be included in the new building?

In order to provide the most possible space for student dining, the faculty/staff dining room is planned to remain in the Seacobeck facility as a catered location.