What’s Happening Now?

April 22, 2015 – With the arrival of spring, work on the exterior of the University Center is again apparent. During late April and throughout May sections of the perimeter fence will be removed. Some of the fence – for instance, the sections along College Avenue – will not be replaced by temporary fencing. Other areas, such as the sensitive root zones of trees, will have temporary, moveable fencing installed to prevent as much adverse impact as possible.

The fence removal indicates renewed efforts to complete the civil site work, bring the ground to finish grades and slope status, and begin the installation of “hardscape.” Hardscapes generally refer to the brick walks and patio area, concrete sidewalks, the entry staircase facing Ball Circle, retaining walls and asphalt pavements that will surround the University Center and transition into the grounds outside the construction site.

Inside the University Center many of the ceilings on all four floors are being closed in with either drywall or acoustic tile framing. New sections of walls continue to be finished and painted. Glass windows, walls, and staircase rail supports are in place. Casework, which includes decorative wall panels, work area base cabinets, wall cabinets, and countertops, are being installed. Terrazzo flooring is on-going and, by the third week of April, the section at the Ball Circle entry will be in place. This is of interest as the University Seal is a principal feature at the foot of the monumental staircase.

February 4, 2015


Work on the exterior of the building continues quite well.  Window installation is substantially complete, with exterior trim pieces and caulking  being installed.  Likewise, cast stone window headers and sills are in place.  Column surrounds, facias, and entablatures made of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) are being installed and finished.  Roofing is also substantially completed, although some finishing details are not.  Interior-2015-01-29-2

Inside, temporary heat keeps the building warm enough for drywall finishing and painting on the lower floors.  It is also warm enough for ceramic tile to be installed in some toilet rooms, and for the terrazzo flooring to begin in areas of three floors.  At the monumental stair, the elliptical dome and ocular opening have been framed and are being finished, awaiting electricians to install lighting in the surrounding soffit.  Once complete, work will resume on the stair itself.

June 23, 2014 –  As you will see, work on the exterior steel frame has been completed. Fire proofing materials were applied by sprayer to the exposed steel, and attention is now focused on masonry block work. Concrete has been placed on the steel deck University Ctr June 20 2014pans on the second, third, and fourth floors along with the roof. Concrete on the ground floor will be finished this week.

Over the past three weeks the penthouse unit containing the heating, ventilation and air conditioning units was delivered in three large sections. Those have been installed on the roof, and await piping and ductwork connections which will supply the aforementioned heating and cooling for distribution.

Plumbers and electricians have been installing pipes and conduits, some of which have already been covered by concrete while others are hung from the bottom side of the floor deck above. Duct work installers will soon join them.

Interior walls are being laid out in chalk on the floors, soon to be replaced by steel stud work.

April 1, 2014
– No doubt you have seen the Campus Center steel rising above the level of Ball Circle. The highest pieces of steel you can see now are an indication of the finished height of the building. Obviously there is much, much more steel to go in order to fill out the full form. However, the steel Campus (1) Apr 1 2014installation is still on-track for completion just about Commencement time. At the same time that structural steel columns, beams, and joists are going into place, previously finished areas are receiving steel decking, which presage the arrival of different phases. Plumbing, concrete, and electrical pre-installation conferences have recently occurred or are happening now. NOTE: Donley’s is bringing two relatively small beams in soon so that students, faculty, staff can sign them and “have a place” in the construction. More on that when the beams arrive!

February 3, 2014 – Severely cold weather the past two weeks has slowed University Center site work on steel reinforcing in either footings or walls, and concrete placement for both footings and walls. Weather has been adequate enough for the application of some waterproofing and foundation drainage materials along the Ball Circle side of the walls already placed, along with some stone backfill in the same area.
The crane needed to place the structural steel should be delivered about mid-month, with the first deliveries of steel scheduled for the middle-to-end of February. Increased tractor-trailer traffic on College Avenue may be a consequence and would  continue through early May. Deliveries will be scheduled for as low an impact as possible on student movement.

January 16, 2014 – Access Update:

From 8 a.m. on Thursday, January 16, until 6 p.m. on Monday, January 20, the road to the Simpson Library and the Simpson parking lot will be closed to all vehicles except golf carts and emergency vehicles. Additionally, it will be necessary to close seven (7) of the handicapped parking spots adjacent to Jepson Hall during the same time period. These closures are necessary in order for the Convergence Center contractor to place the five storm water cisterns that will be located under Campus Walk.

Pedestrian traffic moving through the pedestrian walkway and behind the Library will not be impacted and to the maximum extent possible will be given priority of movement. Pedestrians moving to and from the walkway from Jepson are requested to use the front doors of the building as there will be numerous large vehicles staged and unloading in the road.

Once the work is completed and the area cleaned up, the road, handicapped parking spots, and Simpson Lot will be returned to normal usage.

Your cooperation to ensure everyone’s safety during this construction effort is greatly appreciated.

For questions or comments, please contact Len Shelton, lshelton@umw.edu.

January 16, 2014 – Site Update

Campus Center Jan 16 2014Work at the University Center is moving forward, despite weather conditions which have hampered progress. Ground is being excavated for footings and reinforcing steel (rebar) put in place. Some wall sections have been formed, reinforced, and cast.

Civil site work is also moving forward with more branches of the stormwater drainage system being put in place. This work will continue for about another month.

Protection of placed concrete from colder weather is required during the initial setting period of three days. New concrete is covered by “blankets”:  heavy-duty woven plastic sheeting surrounding a partially filled plastic air sack. The blankets provide a thermal break between the concrete and the cold air.


Pedestrian Access

The General Contractor for the new UMW University Center, Donley Inc. has installed a four feet high fence in the grass median along the College Avenue sidewalk in front of the construction site, beginning at the crosswalk at Payne Street and ending at the crosswalk at Rowe Street.  This corridor is intended to encourage the use of the crosswalks and prevent conflicts between pedestrians, other sidewalk transportation and construction traffic.  This corridor will remain in effect for the duration of the project.  

This section of sidewalk will be restricted to pedestrian traffic as well as handicap-accessible vehicles such as motorized wheelchairs.  Bicyclists and skateboarders will be asked to dismount and walk if they choose to use this route.  Vehicles such as golf carts or “gators” will be asked to use the crosswalks or internal routes such as Campus Walk including the connecting walk from Woodard to Melchers Hall to transit to or from the north end of campus.  Should you have any questions, please contact Les Johnson at (540) 654-2100.

(For more information, contact Facilities Services, Les Johnson, at (540) 654-2100.)


From Fall 2013 . . .

College Avenue Traffic Patterns

Please be aware that traffic patterns on College Avenue will be altered in the upcoming weeks to connect utilities (water, sewer, and natural gas) to the site of the new campus center. The specific impacts are as follows:

Chandler 1

  • Beginning on September 16, and continuing until the work is completed on October 11, “No Parking” will be in effect along both sides of College Avenue from Rowe Street to Payne Street.
  • Southbound traffic toward William Street will also be detoured at Rowe Street to Augustine Avenue and back to College Avenue at Payne Street.
  • Northbound traffic toward Route 1 will remain on College Avenue. The intersection of Parcell Street and College Avenue will be closed for the duration of the in-street work, with resident access from Augustine Avenue.
  • After the utility work is completed on October 11, traffic will resume its customary pattern. “No Parking” will continue on the UMW side of College Avenue along the construction site until July 2015. Parking on the other side of College Avenue will experience occasional limitation.

A map illustrating the temporary traffic pattern is here .

The University appreciates your understanding during this period of inconvenience.

Greek Key

The Campus Center project is progressing.  Chandler was razed this summer and site work was initiated.  As you can imagine there is a great deal to be done to prepare the area for construction. 

The next steps for construction include foundation and infrastructure development.  In conjunction withChandler 2 the City of Fredericksburg, water, sewer and power links will be initiated in the coming days.  The work will cause limited disruption to College Avenue traffic.  Additional communication regarding any disruption in traffic or campus services will be provided to the UMW community.