Center Projects

The University of Mary Washington Center for Historic Preservation engages UMW Historic Preservation students and the preservation community in a number of ways.  Below are listed some of the Center’s current and past projects and initiatives.


A Progress Report on the Oval Site (44WM80), Stratford Hall Plantation (Fall 2014)

The UMW Center for Historic Preservation helped fund two students, Jessica Bittner and Robin Ramey, to present at the 2014 Archeological Society of Virginia Conference in Richmond, Virginia.


Historic Structures Inventory and Integrity Assessment of the Blue Ridge Parkway (2014-)

The UMW Center for Historic Preservation recently received $13,670 in funding from the National Park Service to assist in  the processing of data collected as part of a National Historic Landmark nomination for the Blue Ridge Parkway.  During the process two UMW students will assist in the effort which will culminate in 2015.  The project is being led by Assistant Professor Michael Spencer.


Stafford County Slave Housing Study (2014-)

University of Mary Washington Historic Preservation Professor Douglas Sanford obtained funding for a study on slave housing in Stafford County, Virginia in the summer of 2014.  This funding was made possible by Stafford County, the Virginia Department of Historic Resources and matching funds from the UMW Center for Historic Preservation.


Center for Historic Preservation Book Prize

Established by the Center in 1988, the Historic Preservation Book Prize is awarded annually by a jury of preservation academics and professionals to the book with the most potential for positively impacting the discipline of historic preservation in the United States.


Undergraduate Historic Preservation Education Symposium (U.H.P.E.S.)

Organized by Professor Andrea Smith, the Undergraduate Historic Preservation Education Symposium has brought together faculty from undergraduate preservation institutions from across the United States on two separate occasions. Topics of discussion were focused on curriculum, pedagogy, and student placement.