University of Mary Washington

Information posted on this page is directly related to the history and preservation of buildings, structures, and landscapes at the University of Mary Washington.  Every effort has been made to validate dates and information using primary source material located in the University as well as various Fredericksburg archives.  Any questions or corrections can be sent to Michael Spencer at .


Building Timeline at the University of Mary Washington:

UMW Building Timeline

Selected UMW Building Drawings and Database:
Original drawings are kept by UMW Facilities Services. These drawings are posted for historical research purposes only.  The database was created by Audra Medve.


Cabniet 1

Cabniet 2

Cabniet 3

Cabniet 4

Cabniet 5

Cabniet 6

Cabniet 7

Cabniet 8

Cabniet 9

Cabniet 10

Cabniet 11