She’s Psyched (and Her Students are Too)

Saying Miriam Liss likes psychology would be an understatement.

Liss, a licensed clinical psychologist and one of the Princeton Review’s 300 Best Professors, is known for her energy in the classroom and her ability to engage with students.

Miriam Liss, associate professor of psychology, leads her classes in role play exercises

“I love getting students up out of their seats and getting them engaged with the material,” she said.

For example, in her personality class she has students role play Erikson’s stages.

“Students may forget a lecture about Erikson, but they will never forget the interpretative dance used to illustrate autonomy versus shame and doubt,” she said.

In addition to her work in the classroom, Liss is passionate about the independent research projects of her students. She has published more than 10 articles with student co-authors in peer-reviewed journals and has presented with numerous students at national conferences.

“Students can get such a unique experience with our faculty,” she said of UMW’s emphasis on undergraduate research.

Liss and colleague Mindy Erchull, associate professor of psychology, recently released findings of a compelling new study of their own. The research, published in the journal Sex Roles, delves into the link between feminist mothers and attachment-parenting techniques.

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