Ask Me Why I’m Living on $2 a Day

UMW Two a day

  More than 30 UMW students, along with Associate Professor of Economics Shawn Humphrey, participated in the annual $2 a Day Challenge, an experiential learning exercise aimed at raising awareness and funds for poverty-related causes. For a week at the beginning of April, they lived in a self-made structure on Ball Circle and spent only $2 each day on food and other expenses. In the process, they hoped to raise more than $2,000 for La Ceiba, a microfinance institution, while shedding light on poverty issues. The $2 a Day Challenge, founded by Humphrey, is in its sixth year at UMW. The program is part of the larger TDC organization, which also includes the Month of Microfinance movement and the Poverty Action Conference. This year, several other universities, including Wake Forest and Elon, are holding $2 a Day Challenges. … [Read more...]