Potter’s Fire


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At Home on the Web

Haley Campbell uses her aetherbunny.com domain for varied digital storytelling projects.

As a kid in the ’90s and ’00s, Haley Campbell ’13 grew up with the Internet. She played computer games, learned to type from an educational software program, and experimented with blogs and fan fiction. In middle school, she tinkered with HTML coding and creating a website. As moms and dads do, Campbell’s parents urged her to be safe on the Web. But they didn’t discourage her interest, even if they didn’t see the attraction. As Campbell puts it, “Every generation comes up with something that the previous generation shakes their head and says, ‘Really guys? Is that what you’re going to do?’ ” But it wasn’t until she got to the University of Mary Washington and enrolled in classes on new media that Campbell started thinking analytically about the Internet’s potential to educate on a macro scale, and to swiftly shape and change consensus. “It’s so obvious that this was where a ton of extremely important communication was taking place,” she said. In addition to taking … [Read more...]