A Digital Kind of Paintbrush


A sprawling American beech tree outside of Woodard Campus Center doubles as an artists’ canvas for art students at the University of Mary Washington. This fall, Assistant Professor Jason Robinson’s eight advanced video technique students created imaginative digital designs through one-minute films projected onto the tree. The technique, called projection-mapping, requires careful consideration of the shape, texture and color of the platform’s surface when designing. “Moving edited footage onto the tree made it transform from two to three dimensional,” said Tyler Duenas, a senior and studio art major. “The way my video looked on the tree was what I hoped that it would be. All the colors came through and the shape of the tree activated the faces in my video.” “Projection-mapping is a real-world skill,” said Robinson, UMW’s first digital art professor in the Department of Art and Art History. Commonly used in theater productions and stage shows, projection-mapping requires deep … [Read more...]

Stage Presence

Nicholas McGovern '14 plays Melchior in "Spring Awakening."
Photo by Geoff Greene.

Nicholas McGovern ’14 never planned to major in theater at the University of Mary Washington. He never considered auditioning for a play and had no idea he had the talent to make it on stage. He didn’t realize that he could sing, let alone belt out a tune in front of hundreds or be accepted into a competitive summer acting school.  He never dreamed he would play a lead in the musical “Spring Awakening” at Klein Theatre. But, in a space of a year, it all happened. And it all started with baseball. Growing up in Springfield, Va., McGovern was surrounded by his sports-loving family. Between McGovern and his cousins, they covered all ranges of sports from ice hockey and lacrosse to cheerleading and collegiate sailing. McGovern swam, played football and baseball, for which he was recruited to play on the varsity team at UMW. Although he declared a major in business, McGovern took a theater class during his freshmen year to fill a general education requirement. In that … [Read more...]

Snapshot of an Artist

Rosemary Jesionowski works with students during a printmaking class.

As an undergraduate student, Rosemary Jesionowski spent most of her days – sometimes more than 40 hours a week – in the dance studio. But after a serious injury dashed her dreams of becoming a professional modern dancer, she traded in her leotard, black tights and bare feet for the chemical-stained jeans, T-shirts and rubber-soled shoes of a photographer. “I was the kid in the darkroom or studio at 2 a.m.,” said Jesionowski, now an assistant professor of art at the University of Mary Washington. Since her unexpected career shift at Ohio University, Jesionowski has made a name for herself in the art community and in the classroom. In fact, her work has been exhibited across the country, including in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. “I enjoy the challenge of [photography] because it is a medium that everyone has access to and everyone has experience with,” said Jesionowski. “I have a career that allows me to continually learn and expand in a field that I really … [Read more...]

Envision, Design, Print

Think Lab_cropgm

Imagination flourishes on the second floor of Simpson Library. Just ask University of Mary Washington senior Alice Watkins who is turning her two-sided creations into wearable art. She joins others in the UMW community who have discovered the wonders of a new three-dimensional printer, called MakerBot. Watkins is investigating 3-D printing through art in her independent study project called “Blending into Reality.” In a classroom at Simpson Library dubbed the Think Lab, Watkins watches the MakerBot as it whirs and hums while a spool of plastic thread slowly transforms a flat image on a computer screen into a three-dimensional object. She picks up the small, gray piece from the printer and places it with her collection. “That’s the reason it is called the Think Lab,” she said. “If you can think it, you can make it here.” She hopes to make a full-size tunic or vest with the pieces, called “scale mail,” by the end of the semester. Watkins, a studio art major, received … [Read more...]

Serious about Art

Katie Rosinski

When Katie Rosinski '12 works on an idea for  a piece of art, she opens her sketchbook and writes words, lists and word associations – what she calls “mind maps.” “Concept is very important to me, so I consider layers of content and what the materials and scale of the piece are saying,” she said. Her detailed artistic process has paid off – Rosinski is a two-time winner of the prestigious Melchers Gray Purchase Award, given annually by the UMW art department. Her most recent award is for her 3-D mixed media piece, “Housed,” that will become a part of the university’s permanent collection. “To have my pieces now part of the permanent collection is extraordinary and very fitting,” she said. “UMW is so important to me and so I couldn’t be happier that my pieces are now living here.” Rosinski’s success at Mary Washington comes as no surprise to Carole Garmon, chair of the Department of Art and Art History. “From the moment Katie stepped into the halls of Melchers, she … [Read more...]