Trotting the Globe for Business Education

Srivastava, Mukesh GM

Mukesh Srivastava is a frequent flyer with a penchant for international travel and a mind focused on global business. Srivastava, associate dean of the College of Business, was noted for his research -- on how different groups within an organization interact with each other -- at a conference in Thailand in April. He will travel to Ireland at the end of June to present similar research. The 2012 recipient of UMW's Graduate Faculty Award, Srivastava founded the Association of Global Management Studies (AGMS) in 2009 and hosted the first AGMS conference in 2010. This year, nine countries were represented at the conference held in the Harvard Faculty Club. He aims to hold the conference in New Zealand in 2013. “AGMS has given me an enhanced perspective on global thinking,” said Srivastava, who also is associate professor. “That exchange that I am able to bring to the classroom is useful for my students.” Last October, Srivastava spent five weeks in Tunisia as part of a … [Read more...]