Coworkers Will Be Watching you at Office Parties


IF IT’s December, it must be time for holiday parties. If you are quite the social animal, you probably have been or will be invited to numerous gatherings in upcoming weeks. Parties are fun, but there’s one key thing we need to remember: A party with the people you work with is still work. Say what? Yes. A work party means your company or nonprofit is footing the bill to spread goodwill and holiday cheer. So you get a date, and a holiday party is probably not the best venue for a first date! Your date needs to understand all of the “rules” below as well. Your co-workers consider your date as an extension of you. You get a baby sitter, if needed, and buy a sparkly outfit (if you’re a woman) or clean your suit or decide what fun sweater you will wear. Then off you go to the party place, and it’s generally not where you toil daily. You may see this as a night of revelry and fun, but remember that people are watching. And by watching, I mean judging. Their first … [Read more...]

Leaning In

Sheryl Sandberg

The May Quarterly Networking Event at Stevenson Ridge found us viewing Sheryl’s Sandberg’s TED Talk on Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’d encourage you to take 15 minutes to view it. THEN I recommend that you purchase Sheryl’s book, Lean In, and read it. While I liked the talk and book because of their contents, I’m not sure any ideas presented were new, but the ideas were supported by lots of research that, for this academic, gave proof! For example, I had never really thought about the differences between men and women when offered a job. Let’s say a woman is offered a job with a $100,000 salary and standard benefits. Her response, at least internally, is “this is how much I am worth.” She’s content to be compensated for what she’s worth, so she takes the job without considering that she might be worth a wee bit more. She doesn’t even consider asking for additional benefits. Remember, the company offered her what she’s worth! Conversely, when a … [Read more...]

Welcome to our Blog

Lynne Richardson

Welcome to the Leadership Colloquium @UMW’s latest venture… a blog! We want to provide a forum to share ideas between our events and this seemed to be an appropriate and timely (given our forays into technology) way to do so. The Colloquium was 20 years old in 2013. For most of our first 20 years, women in the greater Fredericksburg region got together annually for our big November event.  Many of you have attended and you know that you left pumped!  But that was IT until the next November. So this year, as we began our second 20 years, we decided to expand our offerings a bit in order to give us ways to connect between November events! We held our first quarterly networking event at Home Team Grill on Feb. 20. Many of us wore RED to celebrate Heart month (both Valentines and ‘Go Red for Women’) and heard a female heart attack survivor talk about how the symptoms for women having heart attacks are different from men. It’s NOT just the crushing pain in your chest or down your arm. … [Read more...]