Campus Dining

Meal Plans: Which one is right for me?

Your meal plan options are dependent on your residential status. This means freshmen living on campus have different options than commuter students. The chart below shows which meal plans you are eligible to select.

Meal Plans » 275 Meals
$200 Flex
225 Meals
$200 Flex
150 Meals
$300 Flex
90 Meals
$175 Flex
60 Meals
$75 Flex
Residential Freshmen
Eagle Landing or UMW Apartments
Other Residence Halls

Visit Campus Dining for plan details and costs.

The How and What of Campus Dining

  • How do I buy or change my meal plan? – Easy! Just log into EagleNET, click on the ‘University Life’ link from the MY UNIVERSITY RESOURCES drop down menu. Once on the ‘University Life’ page choose the ‘Meal Plan Registration’ option. Meal plan changes will be effective the following business day. You can upgrade your plan anytime, but you can only downgrade your plan within the first 2 weeks of the semester. Visit Campus Dining for plan details and costs.
  • What is an EagleOne card and where do I get one? – The EagleOne card is UMW’s photo ID that also serves to access all essential campus services. Meal plans, libraries, fitness center and more are all tied to your EagleOne card. Visit the EagleOne Card Center in Lee Hall for more information and to get your card.
  • What are Flex Dollars and what can I buy with them? – Flex Dollars are built into meal plans and allow you to make Campus Dining purchases that aren’t meal plan eligible. More information about Flex Dollars can be found on the Campus Dining website.
  • What are EagleOne Dollars and where can I use them? – EagleOne Dollars are similar to Flex Dollars, except that they’re also usable in on-campus laundry and vending machines as well as at several off-campus merchants.

Where can I eat?

There are a LOT of dining options on campus, and several off-campus restaurants accepting EagleOne Dollars.