At UMW, A Must See Event


Become the character," Kathryn Ahearn tells the 24 members of this year's Opera Fest. The singers vary in their skill level, age, education and career. But they all have one goal: to become the character in the opera scene they are performing. "If they can actually feel free enough to become the character and sing at the same time, that's when magic happens," Ahearn said at Monday night's dress rehearsal. "That's when the real artistry happens." For the singers performing in this weekend's show, that means becoming mischievous fairies in Purcell's "The Fairy Queen"; bitter divas in Mozart's "Impresario"; rival gangs in Bernstein's "West Side Story"; tragically separated lovers in Verdi's "Don Carlos" and gossiping biddies in Moore's "The Ballad of Baby Doe." But transforming into a character is no easy feat. It takes practice and discipline, tasks the opera singers know well. They have been practicing three … [Read more...]