Policies and Regulations

The University has designed its policies and regulations to create a safe and harmonious environment for the members of its community. All campus community members and visitors of the University are required to obey by these regulations. These policies not only reflect the University’s high standards of conduct, but also local, state and federal laws. Observed and enforced, they create a high degree of safety for the University community.

Alcohol & Drug Use

UMW recognizes that the misuse and abuse of alcohol and drugs is a persistent social and health problem of major proportion in our society and that it interferes with the goals and objectives of any educational institution. Accordingly, UMW does not encourage the use of alcoholic beverages and strongly discourages illegal or otherwise irresponsible use of alcohol and drugs. Members of the University community are responsible for their decisions regarding their use of alcohol and drugs as well as their behavior which occurs as a result of their decisions.

Alcohol Policy

UMW fully complies with and enforces the criminal code of the Commonwealth of Virginia relating to alcohol offenses. All state laws apply to UMW students, faculty, staff and visitors. These laws prohibit possession, distribution and consumption of all alcoholic beverages by persons under 21 years of age. To maintain conditions conducive to a learning environment and to ensure that all community members are in a safe, productive environment, the University further restricts the use of alcohol to specified criteria. The University’s policy is not to have alcoholic beverages at any University-sponsored student functions. For more comprehensive details, please refer to the University’s alcohol policy printed in the Student Handbook which is published on an annual basis.

Drug & Controlled Substances – “Drug Free School Zone”

On April 11, 1992, the following resolution was unanimously adopted: “Resolved by the Rector and Visitors of University of Mary Washington that the campus of University of Mary Washington is hereby designated a drug free school zone in accordance with Virginia Code 18.2-255.2.

UMW strictly prohibits the illegal use or possession of any controlled substance. The illegal use of controlled substances is incompatible with the goals of an academic community. Students found guilty of possessing, using, distributing, or selling controlled substances will face serious disciplinary action, which may include suspension and/or dismissal from the University for a first offense. Violations of state law should be reported to the University Police who will take appropriate legal actions. For more comprehensive details, please refer to the University’s drug policy printed in the Student Handbook which is published on an annual basis.

UMW is a drug free workplace, and employees are subject to criminal prosecution as well as termination from the University employment if found in violation of this policy.

Threat assessment team-

UMW Cares Team

The University of Mary Washington operates a threat assessment team that evaluates whether an individual poses a threat of violence to self or others, or exhibits significantly disruptive behavior or need for assistance. The team is known as the UMW Cares Team. The team formulates an action plan that is consistent with the needs of the individual being assessed and also the needs of the university, faculty, staff and students.

The team is comprised of members from the University Police Department, mental health professionals from the UMW Counseling and Psychological Services (The Talley Center), representatives of the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Human Resources, faculty and, when needed, counsel from the Virginia Office of Attorney General.

A referral to the UMW Cares Team may be made by any member of the university community.