Ethical Guarantee

University of Mary Washington Police members have developed this Ethical Guarantee to guide our actions and to inform our community.

“Because we are bonded by the diversity of different nationalities, languages and backgrounds, the following principles will provide an ethical guide for all members of the University of Mary Washington Police Department. As a basis of promoting good will, trust, confidence and cooperation between the citizens of the University of Mary Washington community and all members of UMW Police, as well as adhering to the Department’s Values, Mission and Focus, the following “Ethical Guarantee” is submitted:

  • We, as UMW Police members, will continue to prioritize the protection of life and property for all citizens. However, the members of this Department will not utilize characteristics such as race, color, nationality, age, sexual orientation, gender, disability or religion as the sole or primary justification for contact and/or enforcement action.  
  • We will strive to achieve diversity in the Department that will reflect the community we serve.
  • We acknowledge individuality by striving to treat everyone with dignity and respect while striving to maintain effective and positive communications.
  • We have a sense of personal obligation to every citizen, and we will conduct all citizen contacts with courtesy, excellence and compassion. We also recognize that each interaction is a separate and unique situation, and it will not be based on prejudice, discrimination or bias.
  • We will strive to achieve the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. We also acknowledge that courtesy and excellence are achieved through people, and we will utilize hiring, training, technology, community input and innovation to achieve these goals.
  • We will make decisions in the light of what is right, rather than what is expedient in a given situation.
  • We will actively seek out and listen to the needs and concerns of the UMW community and its citizens.
  • We will continually plan for the future so that we can control our destiny without letting society’s challenges overwhelm us.
  • As individuals and as a Department, we will endeavor to uphold these ethical standards so that we may be respected and trusted by the community we serve.”

The University of Mary Washington Police Department and Public Safety wants to help our community make the UMW campus friendly, safe, welcome and orderly for all students, faculty, staff and visitors. Should you have any questions relating to our “Ethical Guarantee”, a supervisor of this Department will be available to personally address any of your concerns (540-654-1025).