Addressing the Campus Community

Policy Statement

University of Mary Washington

Request to Address Campus Community


             To accommodate the occasional request by an individual from outside the Mary Washington community who seeks to address the campus community, the University has extended its “Policy on Academic Freedom” so that persons who are not sponsored by a member of the campus community can be afforded an opportunity to speak publicly.

             The University requires that an individual from outside Mary Washington, as defined by the University’s “Policy on Academic Freedom,” who wants to address the campus community, to complete a “Request to Address Campus Community” form at the University Police office.  Once the form is completed and filed with the University Police, the individual will be notified within two working days regarding the disposition of the request.

             In granting permission, the University will specify the date and time allotted the location, and any additional provisions that may be applicable.  The University reserves the right to designate that a member of the University’s Police Department accompany the speaker, particularly in cases where threats against the speaker could result in personal injury or when disruption to the educational programs of the University is likely to occur.

             Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance.

Policy Coordinators:

Richard V. Hurley, Acting President

Susan E. Knick, Assistant Vice President for Public Safety and Community Support Services


April 2003



July 2004 (change College to University)

August 2006 (change of administrators’ titles)



January 2007 (change of administrator’s title)


Updated April 2007 (change of administrator’s title)


Notes from AGs office:

Basis is 1st come/1st serve; not turning down anyone arbitrarily

Recommend accommodating, if at all possible, when person shows up vs. causing arbitrary wait

Call immediately if any questions/problems perceived

 Reviewed August 2013. A copy of the request procedure can be found here Procedure to Request Campus Community 2013

For a request for visitation, please contact the University of Mary Washington Police Department’s Business Manager James DeLoatch