Personal Safety

Safety and security does not begin and end with the University Police. It takes the entire University community — students, faculty and staff — to make our campus a safe and secure place to live, work, learn, and sometimes play.

What can you do to help?

  • Trust your instincts. If a place or situation doesn’t feel right, leave.
  • Avoid working or studying alone in a building at night.
  • Avoid shortcuts and isolated areas when walking after dark.
  • Don’t leave your personal property lying around unattended.
  • Carry a whistle for alerting others in the event of an emergency.
  • Never prop exterior doors open.
  • Keep your residence hall room locked when leaving even for “just a minute” and when sleeping.
  • Lock windows and close shades after dark.
  • Never attach your name and address to keys.
  • When traveling in your vehicle keep windows up and doors locked.
  • Engrave your valuables. (Engraver available for use at the University Police Department)
  • Report any suspicious or criminal activity to the police immediately.
  • If you have an ADA-identified disabillity which requires special equipment, be sure to identify yourself to the University’s administration so proper installation and maintenance of such equipment can be scheduled.

UMW Police PatchIf you have any questions, comments or concerns in reference to Police procedures, policies, regulations or other similar matters, email the Chief of Police Michael Hall at