Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Training

The University Police Department offers a women’s self-defense course, known as the Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) System. The R.A.D. System consists of a 9-hour course in basic self-defense. The R.A.D. course is presented by a certified instructor. This course is free to all University students, faculty and staff.

The R.A.D. concept involves physical self-defense techniques such as using personal body weapons (hands, feet, knees, etc.). It also involves maintaining awareness of surroundings, individuals and suspicious circumstances.

In addition to the R.A.D. course, the Crime Prevention Unit also provides instruction to promote student awareness of:

  • Rape Prevention
  • Rape in a Social Setting (Date Rape)
  • Other forcible and non-forcible sex-offenses
  • Self-Defense

Any questions concerning these programs should be directed to the RAD Instructor:

Sgt. William Somers 
at (540) 654-1025 or via e-mail at  wsomers@umw.edu

UMW Police PatchIf you have any questions, comments or concerns in reference to Police procedures, policies, regulations or other similar matters, email Police Captain for Accreditation and Security Services, Mark Sandor, at msandor@umw.edu