UMW Police Community Awareness

The UMW Police Community Awareness page is used to explain the police departments current outreach programs that go along with the Adopt -A-Hall philosophy. For the month of September, the University police officers will focus on student safety and awareness. These topics are current themes throughout the academic year, however, special emphasis will be placed on student personal safety as the school year begins. This is done in order to assist students in developing good safety habits that can also transfer to good safety awareness and behavior at home.

The current topics of emphasis are:

Sexual Assault:

  • Sex without consent is sexual assault.
  • Avoid dangerous situations and be aware of your own personal surroundings.

Be an Active Bystander:

  • If you think that someone is at risk – consider it an emergency and get involved!

Illegal Drug Use and High Risk Drinking:

  • These can have lasting consequences including administrative and legal issues.

Fire Exits:

  • Know multiple evacuation routes.

Electrical Safety:

  • Know how to properly use devices and discard them if defective.

Emergency Preparedness:

  • Have emergency supplies on hand (water, batteries, flashlights, and other supplies).

Safety Escort Program:

  • Safety transports are available by calling

(540) 654-1025