Communication Apprehension

Our research finds that more than one-third of incoming students at UMW experience high levels of communication apprehension- and many more experience elevated apprehension. The Communication Apprehension module will tell students about communication apprehension and outline some strategies for dealing with apprehension. It should help students better prepare for class discussion and presentations in your class. The module includes a TED-Ed video about stage fright, a short reading about communication apprehension, and an online survey that gives students information about how apprehensive they are in different settings. There is also a short 10 question quiz that we ask that they complete (we will use the results as part of our assessment of the module- you can decide whether or not to incorporate their quiz grade into your course grade).

Adding the module to your Canvas course is easy.  Please contact Anand Rao ( or Keith Mellinger ( for Save the file to your computer, and import it into your course.  Anand made a screencast to show how to import the content. You can find the video at:

Once the module is imported into your course, you can assign it to your students. I would recommend having them complete the module during the first week. It will not take them very long- probably around 20-25 minutes.