As the QEP unfolds, there will be a variety of events for faculty to learn about the QEP, participate in the development of the modules, and gather useful resources for their courses that satisfy the first-year seminar requirement.


Mon, Dec 9, 2013:  QEP luncheon

This lunchtime meeting was for pilot participants and other faculty interested in learning more.

QEP Pilot Handout-1

Thursday, May 8, 2014:  QEP Faculty Workshop

This workshop is for faculty interested in learning more about the goals of the FSEM program, the additional resources provided by the Quality Enhancement Plan, and how to integrate these resources into your course in an effective way.  Topics will be broadly constructed and designed to include all faculty, regardless of their level of experience with FSEM.  All will leave with a deeper understanding of the role the QEP plays in the academic portion of UMW’s first-year experience.

QEP May Workshop Agenda