Learning Modules

One of the components of the QEP is the implementation of online learning modules. These modules are interactive online applications that focus on discrete ideas and introduce a topic or a basic skill to students. Each module addresses a maximum of two or three specific measurable learning outcomes and is designed to be completed within an hour or less without faculty supervision. These modules engage students in tasks or actions that will guide them to the module’s learning outcomes, which are assessed by multiple choice or short answer questions. The knowledge and skills gained from these modules will be applied and reinforced in course assignments designed by the instructor. Thus, modules allow faculty to incorporate the introduction of critical content and skills into courses without taking away from class time. Modules also allow faculty to flag students who may need additional help from academic support centers.

Over a three-year period, the plan envisions the creation of at least twelve modules distributed among the three skills areas: researching, writing, and speaking.  Follow the links below for more details on the modules in each of these key areas.


  • Checking for CRAAP — The CRAAP module helps teach students how to differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate sources for their research by assessing five categories: Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose.
  • Deconstructing Citations — This module teaches students how to use the information found in citations to find the sources for their own research.
  • Constructing a Search — Coming soon!


  • The Writing Process — This module from the Writing Center focuses on the general writing process and outlines steps to follow for successful writing.
  • Punctuation: Commas and Semicolons Made Easy — This module targets students who struggle with comma and semicolon usage, addressing the bulk of common mistakes made with these punctuation marks.
  • Active Reading — Coming soon!


  • Communication Apprehension — More than 1/3 of incoming students at UMW experience communication apprehension. This module outlines strategies for dealing with communication apprehension and will help students prepare for discussions and presentations.
  • Effective Visual Aids —  Visuals can make or break a presentation—this module will help students enhance their presentations by explaining the purpose of visual aids and outlining effective design and use of these aids.
  • Class Discussion — Coming soon!

Activating the Modules

Beginning fall 2015, all currently available QEP modules will come pre-loaded into your FSEM’s Canvas course, and you will have the ability to activate the modules of your choosing. We ask that for assessment purposes, you use at least one module from each skill area in your course.

To activate a module, go to the Canvas home page for your FSEM and click on “Modules” in the left menu. You should see a list of all available modules (six in total). On the right-hand side of each module and its content, a small cloud icon indicates whether or not the module and its content have been published. To activate a module, click on its corresponding gray cloud, and it will changed to a published status. If you have any questions or concerns about activating the modules in Canvas or how the modules will affect your grading, please contact Leah Tams at ltams@umw.edu.

Module Activation