Learning Modules

One of the components of the QEP is the implementation of online learning modules. These modules are interactive online applications that focus on discrete ideas and introduce a topic or a basic skill to students. Each module addresses a maximum of two or three specific measurable learning outcomes and is designed to be completed within an hour or less without faculty supervision. These modules engage students in tasks or actions that will guide them to the module’s learning outcomes, which are assessed by multiple choice or short answer questions. The knowledge and skills gained from these modules will be applied and reinforced in course assignments designed by the instructor. Thus, modules allow faculty to incorporate the introduction of critical content and skills into courses without taking away from class time. Modules also allow faculty to flag students who may need additional help from academic support centers.

Over a three-year period, the plan envisions the creation of at least twelve modules distributed among the three skills areas: researching, writing, and speaking.  Follow the links below for more details on the modules in each of these key areas.


Available Modules


  • The CRAAP Test — Appropriate vs. Inappropriate Sources for Academic Work
  • Deconstructing Citations — Coming soon!
  • Constructing a Search — Coming soon!


  • The Writing Process — 5 Steps to Improve Your Writing
  • Punctuation: Commas and Semicolons — Coming soon!
  • Active Reading — Coming soon!