Snapshot of an Artist

Rosemary Jesionowski works with students during a printmaking class.

As an undergraduate student, Rosemary Jesionowski spent most of her days – sometimes more than 40 hours a week – in the dance studio. But after a serious injury dashed her dreams of becoming a professional modern dancer, she traded in her leotard, black tights and bare feet for the chemical-stained jeans, T-shirts and rubber-soled shoes of a photographer. “I was the kid in the darkroom or studio at 2 a.m.,” said Jesionowski, now an assistant professor of art at the University of Mary Washington. Since her unexpected career shift at Ohio University, Jesionowski has made a name for herself in the art community and in the classroom. In fact, her work has been exhibited across the country, including in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. “I enjoy the challenge of [photography] because it is a medium that everyone has access to and everyone has experience with,” said Jesionowski. “I have a career that allows me to continually learn and expand in a field that I really … [Read more...]