Publicizing Events

As soon as the details for your event are firm, send to the Office of Media and Public Relations, by campus mail or email mmorris3 at, the following information:

1) Information:

Name of speaker or event, date, place and time
Name of sponsoring organization
Ticket price and how to obtain ticket, if applicable
General information about the speaker or event, including the topic
Your name and telephone number

2) Photos:

Photos of the speaker, performer, or group are useful in getting good news coverage of your event. A head and shoulders shot is best for speakers, and action photos are best for performing groups, although still group shots also can be used. We can accept photos in digital format but they must be at least 300 dpi TIFF or JPG files. Photos with a lower resolution are not acceptable for print publications; however, they can be used on the Office of News and Public Information Web site to publicize your event. They can be sent by email to Marty Morrison (mmorris3 at

3) Other Materials

The vast majority of events are publicized through the UMW Calendar of Public Events. Should your event have an interesting angle that we could pitch to a reporter for a feature story, please let us know. (See our Guide to Working with the Media for more information about this.)

Notifying the Media

The Office of Media and Public Relations will include all public events in the UMW Calendar of Public Events. In order to meet deadlines of magazines and larger newspapers, the sooner you inform us about the event, the better. Once you have released information on an event’s time, date and location, please do not attempt to change it. It is impossible to notify everyone of a change or ensure that it will not be printed incorrectly even after notification of the change has been made.