UMW Students Receive Awards of Excellence

University of Mary Washington students were honored for outstanding achievements at recent awards programs.

Leanna J. Papp received the UMW Alumni Award for demonstrating an outstanding combination of academic excellence, leadership and service to the university and Departmental Honors in Psychology.

Gemma Louise Cohen received the Fredericksburg Kiwanis Award.

Elizabeth C. Escobar-Jack received the Alumni Association Bachelor of Liberal Studies Distinguished Graduate Award.

Caroline H. Bender received the Clara Boyd Wheeler Award for a graduating senior who exemplifies grace, a spirit of service and the ability to change lives.

Cooper Louis-Norio Stone received the Elizabeth M. Baumgarten Leadership Award for outstanding service to the university and community.

Katelyn Sue Van Valkenburg received the Alex Naden Award.

Caitlin Baker was named Female Athlete of the Year and Bradley Riester was named Male Athlete of the Year.

Lindsay Alexandria Raulston was the NCAA Woman of the Year nominee from UMW.

Department Awards

Elizabeth A. Castillo, Ann Elizabeth Collins Award;

Ellen R. Dreher, Michelle L. Howell and Timothy J. Stark, Award of Excellence in Art and Art History;

Isabel R. Q. Smith, The Melchers Award for Excellence in Art History and Departmental Honors in Art History;

Sidney Ann Mullis, Melchers Gray Purchase Award and Departmental Honors in Studio Art;

Sarah Ruth Marzec, William A. Castle Award for Outstanding Biology Major;

Elizabeth Daile Green, Outstanding Senior in Business Administration Award;

Paul Lynn Johnson, Outstanding Senior in Professional Studies Award;

Miranda Victoria Martin, Patricia L. Metzger Award;

Eric Michael Johnson, American Chemical Society Outstanding Chemistry Major and Departmental Honors in Chemistry;

Holly Marie Perucci, American Institute of Chemists Award;

Brent Forrest Arehart, Outstanding Graduate in Religion, Barbara Leigh Gregg Prize for Excellence in Greek, Departmental Honors in Classics and Departmental Honors in Religion;

Lori Watts Brown, Laura V. Sumner Award for Excellence in Classics and Departmental Honors in Classics;

Max Jakob Huemer, Outstanding Graduate in Classics and Departmental Honors in Classics;

Claire Mairead Pickard, Outstanding Graduate in Philosophy;

Abigail Boaduwa Yirrah, Philosophy and Law Prize;

Michael Scott Crawford, Ernest C. Ackermann Excellence in Computer Science Award and Departmental Honors in Computer Science;

Chelsea LeHew, Henry W. Hewetson Economics Award and Departmental Honors in Economics;

Ethan M. Bottone, Harold Thompson Straw Award in Geography and Ruby York Weinbrecht Award for Outstanding Senior Library Assistant;

Jared F. Morel, Matthew Fontaine Maury Award in Geography;

Sarah E. Bergstresser, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark Award in Geography;

Hallie E. Gibson, NCGE Excellence of Scholarship Award in Geography;

Candice Grace Roland, Grace Wadsworth Award for Professional Promise in Historic Preservation and Glen R. Thomas Award for Highest GPA in American Studies;

Katherine Louise DeCecco, Governor Alexander Spotswood Award in Historic Archaeology and Departmental Honors in Classics;

Sarah Ann Mendelsohn, Historic Fredericksburg Foundation, Inc. Award in Honor of Prince B. Woodard;

Caitlyn Meredith Price, Historic Preservation Achievement Award;

Leah Christine Tams, Almont Lindsey Award for Academic Achievement and Exemplary Service, Phi Alpha Theta Award for Highest GPA in History, Joseph Carroll Vance Award for Excellence in Historical Research and Departmental Honors in History;

Amanda Nicole Vercruysse and Julia Niño Wood, Willie Lee Rose Award for Outstanding Service and Leadership;

Morgan M. Brown, Oscar Schultz Award in Mathematics, Departmental Honors in Computer Science and Departmental Honors in Mathematics;

Erin C. Taylor, Anne and Sidney Hamer Music Award;

Paige A. Naylor, Mu Phi Epsilon Sterling Achievement Award in Music;

Stephen E. Hennessey, Outstanding Senior Award in Music;

Patrick B. Mullen, Physics Faculty Award;

Elizabeth Deborah Storey, Outstanding Senior Psychology Major Award;

Sarah Elizabeth Decker, Ann Elizabeth Fitschen Memorial International Affairs Award;

Patrick E. Sheehy, Ann Elizabeth Fitschen Memorial Political Science Award and Departmental Honors in Political Science;

Edgar A. McKewen-Moreno, Robert E. Ingham Award in Theatre and Departmental Honors in Theatre;

Graduate Business Awards

Peter W. O’Hara, Outstanding Master of Business Administration Student Award;

Leo R. Manster, Outstanding Master of Science in Management Information Systems Student Award;

Julie B. Addington, Outstanding Master of Business Administration/Master of Science in Management Information Systems Student Award.

Graduate Education Awards

Laura A. Gomez, Barbara Bishop Mann ’66 Virginia Educator Award;

Anne Marie Roberts and Merilee Grubb, Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Virginia Scholars Awards;

Olivia J. Costello, Outstanding Master of Education Student Award.

Additional Departmental Honors

Erin Michelle Dandridge, Evelyn Mackenzie Hartman, Dylan MacLean Tibert and Chelsea Marie Wagenaar, Departmental Honors in Anthropology;

Michael Mason Moorman, Departmental Honors in Art History;

Irene Rose Satchwell and Ana Tkabladze, Departmental Honors in Classics;

Alexander Gilley, Departmental Honors in Computer Science;

Lavar Clemarcus Edmonds, Taylor Lauren Knight, Jessica Mercer Melvin and Clare Stechschulte, Departmental Honors in Economics;

Domeniqué Nicole Bernett, Colleen Diana Clark, Emma Luellen Eggers, Elisa Joy Fuhrken, Gi Peum Lee, Danica Rose Leninsky, Tess C. McClellan, Russell D. Michelson, Alice Ann O’Brien and Leigh Ann Williams, Departmental Honors in English, Linguistics, and Communication;

Émile Lewis, Departmental Honors in History;

Keegan Miles Cooke, Departmental Honors in International Affairs;

Kyle Anne Genovese, Casey Leigh Howren and Dane Marshall Lawhorne, Departmental Honors in Mathematics;

Emily Fariss Hodder, Departmental Honors in Philosophy;

Kristen A. Callahan, Cameron C. Hodge, Colin Michael McElhinny, Thomas Pacheco, Lynn Allison Pincus and Patrick Gerard McCleary, Departmental Honors in Political Science;

Danielle Claire DeVille, Departmental Honors in Psychology;

Eric Michael Knapp and Mena Safi-Tarin, Departmental Honors in Religion;

Sydney Marie Pinto, Departmental Honors in Spanish;

Nicholas Michael Christopher McGovern and Chelsea J. Raitor, Departmental Honors in Theatre.