Board of Visitors Meeting Notice

The Executive Committee of the University of Mary Washington Board of Visitors will meet Wednesday, August 29, 2012, at 3:30 p.m.  The primary meeting location is George Washington Hall, Room 303.  George Washington Hall is located on the Fredericksburg campus at 1301 College Avenue, Fredericksburg, Virginia.  The secondary location, which will be open to the public and connected to the primary location by teleconference, is 921 Balboa Avenue, Coronado, California.  In the event of an interruption in the broadcast to the remote location, the primary meeting location may be notified by dialing (540) 654-1301 to suspend the meeting.

The primary purposes of the meeting are to establish the agenda for the September Board of Visitors meeting and to confirm and/or determine meeting dates for the remainder of the academic year.

The meeting agenda can be accessed online at or by calling the Office of the President at (540) 654-1301.  This is an open meeting.  No public comment will be taken.