How Does One Inspire Others?


We all know people who are inspiring.  It can be the leader who gets up in front of the employees on big occasions to get them revved up and encouraged.  It can be the leader who provides their employees with an example of purposeful and principled living.  Everything a leader does, every day, impacts their employees and those around them. The world needs men and women who are competent and caring leaders. But just how does one inspire others?  Simply put, if a leader would take even a few minutes to ask people how they’re doing, thank them, and encourage them to do more; that effort counts. People not only want to follow such leaders, but they also do so with great enthusiasm. A leader who inspires taps into people’s values and desires.  A leader can shape people’s identity and their long-term aspirations and commitments.  Inspiring others is all about taking action and it starts with yourself.  Here are ten simple ways you can inspire people to be their best: Be a good … [Read more...]