Virtual Book Club

virtual book clubThe Colloquium GETS REAL with our

Virtual Book Club

Let’s face it, we are always looking for that next great read! So it occurred to us with more than 200 participants a year, we could easily come up with a Colloquium Book Club!

Here’s how it works:

Thanks to the power of email and social media, we will put out recommendations for both non-fiction books about leadership, business and growth as well as just plain ‘ole summer fun beach reads. Each recommendation will highlight the Colloquium board member or attendee who recommend the book along with some fun facts about these Real Women. They will tell us what to read and why to read it.

Keep the Conversation Going:

Did you read one of the recommended books? Share your insights on our LinkedIn Group Page To celebrate the launch of our virtual book club, anyone contributing a comment or discussion on our LinkedIn page will be entered to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Now what would you want to use that for…….

Have a Great Read?

Email for our easy to fill out form which gives us all the details we need to celebrate you and the books you love!