Summary of Policy Manual Revisions

In order to achieve greater clarity and consistency and ensure compliance with SACS Comprehensive Standard 3.2.2. (Institutional Policy), the following revisions were made to the UMW Policy Manual.   Changes were intended to clearly distinguish which policies are subject to Board of Visitors review and concurrence.  In addition, some minor editorial changes were made for clarification purposes and some policies were renumbered for consistency.

The following revisions were made to Book B, Board of Visitors:

Revised two Internal Audit policies to clarify that these are Board of Visitors approved policies:

  • B.4.3. Institutional Debt (originally E.2.1.)*
  • B.4.4. Establishing Student Fees (originally E.2.2.)*

Created a new Section 7, Museums and Galleries, to include three Board-approved policies:

  • B.7.1. Collections Policy (originally D.3.1.)*
  • B.7.2. Use of Research Materials (originally D.4.1.)*
  • B.7.3. Collections Management Policy (originally D.4.2.)*

Created a new Section 8, Community Standards, to include the following Board-approved policies:

  • B.8.1. Sexual Misconduct Policy (originally C.1.1.)*
  • B.8.2. Bias Offense and Incident Reporting (originally E.3.7.)*

Removed references to the following policies:

  • E.2.4. Handling Incoming Payments
  • E.2.9.1. Direct Deposit and Electronic Payment of Net Pay
  • G.3.4. Recruitment Materials

*While the primary location of this policy has been moved to the Board of Visitors section (Book B), it also will continue to be cross referenced in its original location within the Policy Manual.


The following revisions were made to non-Board of Visitors policies:

Edited E.3.4. Administrative and Professional Faculty Grievance

  • Edited approval line to say “UMW Board of Visitors”

Edited F.7.1. Student Handbook

  • Changed policy category to “Presidential Policy”

Edited G.1.1. Alumni Association Articles of Agreement

  • Changed policy category to “Advancement/University relations”

Edited G.2.3. Gift Acceptance Policy

  • Changed policy category to “Advancement/University Relations”

Edited G.3.1. Use of University Name, Seal, and Logo

  • Changed policy type to “Presidential Policy”
  • Edited history to say “Policy revised with approval by UMW Board of Visitors”


The following non-Board policies were not changed, but were simply renumbered for consistency:

E.2.1. Financial Reporting (Originally E.2.3.)
E.2.2. Handling Incoming Payments (Originally E.2.4.)
E.2.3. Business Meals (Originally E.2.5.)
E.2.4. Disallowed Expenses (Originally E.2.6.)
E.2.5. Gift Giving (Originally E.2.7.)
E.2.6. Reimbursement for Non-Travel Expenditures (Originally E.2.8.)
E.2.7. Travel Policy (Originally E.2.9.)
E.2.8. Direct Deposit and Electronic Payment of Net Pay (Originally E.2.9.1.)
E.2.9. Electronic Communication Devices (Originally E.2.9.2.)
E.2.9.1. Identity Theft Prevention Program (Originally E.2.9.3.)
E.2.9.2. Moving and Relocation (Originally E.2.9.4.)
E.2.9.3. Satisfactory Academic Progression (Originally E.2.9.5.)
E.2.9.4. Policy on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (Originally E.2.9.6.)
E.3.7. Administration and Professional Faculty Performance Planning (Originally E.3.8.)
E.3.8. Alcohol and Drug-Related Behavior (Originally E.3.9.)
E.3.9. Outside Employment (Originally E.3.9.1.)
E.3.9.2. Non-Instructional Dress Code (Originally E.3.9.2.)