University of Mary Washington Police Mission Statement

University of Mary Washington Police Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Police Department is to provide a safe and secure environment for the University of Mary Washington community by promoting community oriented customer service while maintaining a high level of professionalism. We are committed to the expert development of our officers and the prevention and solving of crimes to improve the quality of the campus community.

 Police Department Vision Statement: (REIL)

Respect: We will treat everyone with dignity and equality while valuing each other’s differences and opinions

Educate: We will proactively cultivate learning among the campus community by engaging in diverse activities

Inspire: We will encourage the University community to become active participants who are dedicated to creating a better society

Lead: We will be leaders in displaying and reflecting on the unique strengths, culture, values and beliefs of the University of Mary Washington

 Police Department Goals

  1. Provide for a safe and secure campus environment that allows the University to perform its mission
  2. Provide positive leadership role models for students to emulate by identifying and assigning qualified employees to educate and mentor students
  3. Promote and enhance community partnerships and policing activities
  4. Harness and promote the use of proven technology for policing
  5. Understand and promote an environment where all personnel are committed to the professional code of ethics, accountability and personal responsibility.

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