UMW Police

The Annual Security Report of University of Mary Washington is published and distributed by October 1st of each year in accordance with congressional reporting requirements as set forth in the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crimes Statistics Act otherwise known as the Clery Act under 20 U.S.C. 1092f.
Prospective students may obtain of the Annual Security Report from the University’s Admissions Office. Prospective employees may obtain of the Annual Security Report from the University’s Human Resources Office. A copy of the Annual Security Report may be obtained from the lobby of the University’s Police Department on the Fredericksburg Campus at anytime by the general public. A copy of the Annual Security Report is available on the Dahlgren Campus at the receptionist’s desk. A copy of the Annual Security Report is also available on the Stafford Campus at the receptionist’s desk in the South building. The UMW Police Department’s Annual Security Report is also viewable on their website.
The University of Mary Washington Police Department operates on a 24-hour, 365 days a year basis to provide service and protection to students, faculty and staff, as well as the buildings and grounds of the University. The department consists of 16 sworn police officers as well as civilian support staff. UMW Police officers are certified by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services and are empowered to enforce all federal, state and local laws as provided for under Virginia Code section 23-234. As certified law enforcement officers, the University’s Police officers have full authority to make criminal and traffic arrests.
The Police Department maintains an informative web site on the University’s web page.

The jurisdiction of the UMW Police includes all University owned or controlled property to include public sidewalks and streets immediately adjacent, as well as the main campus, athletic fields, Facilities Services at the Battleground complex, Brompton Estate, Trench Hill, the Eagle Landing Apartments, The James Monroe Law Office – Museum and Memorial Library, James Monroe Presidential Center, Belmont Estate – The Gari Melchers Gallery, and the Stafford Campus. Because the University of Mary Washington does not recognize nor sponsor any off-campus student organizations, UMW Police do not respond as the primary agency to calls for service to off-campus student residences.
The UMW Police regularly patrols the streets, parking lots, grounds of the University. The Officers patrol via vehicles and on foot. Officers are required to make periodic foot patrols of the area around and inside buildings during each shift. In addition to increasing security, foot patrols also provide officers with an opportunity to enhance communications with the individuals who live and work at the University.
UMW Police are responsible for maintaining order and ensuring public safety during all campus events, such as athletic events, concerts, rallies, or visits from high ranking government officials, and on occasion play host to local schools utilizing the University’s facilities. The University Police Department also employs unarmed security personnel who are assigned to work special events and functions as needed. The security personnel do not have the authority to make arrests, but are a vital part of the UMW security team. They observe and report criminal and suspicious activity and provide an additional element of safety on campus.
The UMW Police Department strives at all times to help make the University community as safe and harmonious as possible; however there are times when crimes occur and arrests must be made.
The UMW Police Department (UMWPD) maintains a close working relationship with the City of Fredericksburg Police Department (FPD) and the Virginia State Police. The UMWPD staff occasionally works with other law enforcement agencies, including the City of Fredericksburg Sheriff’s Office, the Stafford County Sheriff’s office, the King George County Sheriff’s Office, the FBI, the National Park Police, the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control Bureau of Law Enforcement and the Virginia DMV Law Enforcement Services Division.
Meetings are held between the leaders of these agencies on both a formal and informal basis. The Chiefs and command staff of the UMW Police Department and the Fredericksburg Police Department meet formally four times per year. The officers of the UMWPD and FPD communicate regularly on the scene of incidents that occur in and around the campus area. The UMWPD Police Investigators work closely with the investigative staff at FPD when incidents arise that require joint investigative efforts, resources, crime related reports and exchanges of information, as deemed necessary. There is a written MOU between the UMW Police Department and the Fredericksburg Police Department that addresses parking enforcement and mutual aid response, but not criminal investigations. There is a written MOU between the UMW Police Department and the Virginia State Police that addresses mutual aid and support. There is no written Memorandum of Understanding between the UMW Police Department and the King George County Sheriff’s office or the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office.
UMW Police conduct thorough criminal and traffic investigations with the latest training available to law enforcement personnel in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Virginia State Police may be called to investigate certain crimes on campus at the request of the UMW Police Department, pursuant to their authority to respond to crime reports on property owned by the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Missing Students
The UMW Police Department investigates all reports of missing students, regardless of the age of the student or the amount of time that the student has been missing. There is no minimum time requirement or waiting period to report a student missing.
UMW is in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Act requirement that a student be able to select a confidential contact person in the event that the student is reported as missing. The confidential contact may be the student’s emergency contact, but the student may also select a different individual. The University may not disclose the missing person contact information to anyone except authorized campus authorities or law enforcement personnel involved in the investigation. A student electing to choose a confidential missing person contact can access the information through the student’s Banner home page.
If a student is under 18 years of age and is not emancipated, the university must notify the parents within 24 hours of the determination that the student is missing. The missing person emergency contact person, if designated by the student to be different from a parent, will also be notified.

Crime Prevention
UMW Police officers provide educational programming, security surveys and other crime prevention functions to the University community upon request or as needed. Educational programs include Alcohol Awareness, Bicycle Registration, Drug Awareness, Operation ID, and Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.). R.A.D. is a self defense course known as Rape Aggression Defense Systems, Inc.; a twelve-hour course in basic self defense. The UMW Police Department has a certified R.A.D. instructor who conducts this course in three, four-hour blocks of instruction that include class room and practical applications. These blocks of practical instruction will involve the instructor wearing a realistic simulation suit to permit the student to experience a physical attack in a controlled environment, thus giving the student the opportunity to practice the self defense techniques learned in this program.
R.A.D. Systems Inc. has a lifetime practice policy. Once a student completes the basic program, they may go to any R.A.D. Instructor in the United States and practice their skills as often as he or she wishes for free of cost.
Beginning with orientation sessions for incoming 1st Year Students and their parents, the Police Department provides safety programs throughout the year in the residence halls in conjunction with the University’s Office of Residence Life staff.

Keeping the University Community Informed
The UMW Police Department is very concerned about providing timely warnings and immediate notifications to the entire University community about potential threats to students or employees.
At times it may be necessary for “timely warnings” to be issued to the University community. If a crime occurs and notification is necessary to warn the University community of a potentially dangerous situation, the UMW Police Department will initiate the warning process. The Police Department will contact the Office of University Relations to prepare a release and the information will be disseminated to the local media. The police department will also send out “Crime Alert Message” via the University’s Emergency Alert Network to students, faculty and staff regarding crimes that are classified as serious incidents.
Any information which may qualify as a potential threat or emergency may be communicated to the following personnel: Any UMW police officer, the UMW Emergency Communications Center, or the Director of Safety and Emergency Management.
The UMW Police Department, The Office of Emergency Management, the Vice President for Administration and Finance, Vice President for Student Affairs and the Office of University Relations and Communications may provide input or assistance with issuing a timely warning or immediate notification.
Emergency Alert Network
In the event of an emergency that requires the employees or student body be notified, the University will utilize the UMW Alert Network. This is a multi-tiered system that employs a combination of text messaging, area warning (sirens), University email program, University phones, and University website alerts.
An emergency alert will notify the campus community about the location and nature of the emergency and what evacuation procedures, if any, need to be taken.
Alert UMW
Alert UMW is a self-subscribed text alert system which can be sent to cell phones, computer email accounts, text-capable pagers, and blackberries. This system is available to UMW employees, students, parents of students, local citizens, and alumni.
Registration for this program is made by accessing UMW Emergency Alerts.
Area Warning System (sirens)
The area warning system consists of 6 towers (24 speakers) on the College of Arts and Sciences and 1 tower (4 speakers) on the Stafford Campus. This system, which employs both tones and spoken voice, is designed to be a warning system for those located outdoors when an emergency arises.
Sex Offender Registry
Publicly-available information about persons convicted within the Commonwealth of Virginia of specified violent and sexual offenses is provided by the Virginia State Police. The information is available at- Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry.

Operation Identification
The UMW Police Department has engravers to loan for the purposes of engraving personal property. This nationally recognized identification procedure is thought to help make items theft resistant, because engraved items are more easily identified making them harder to sell. Another benefit to the program is, if an item is lost or stolen, then recovered, it is much easier for the owner to be located and the property returned. The recommended procedure for engraving items is: abbreviate your state and driver’s license number on the item (Ex. VA123456789) with the engraving tool.
Fingerprinting Services
UMW Police provides fingerprinting services for UMW students, faculty, staff and their families at no cost, anytime when staffing permits based upon calls for service.
Safety Escort Service
The UMW Police Department sponsors a nighttime safety escort service on the Fredericksburg Campus which operates from dusk until dawn and provides transportation or a walking escort, upon request, to persons who must cross campus during the nighttime hours alone. The escort service may be contacted by calling 540-654-1025, 540-654-4444 from a cell phone, or by utilizing one of the campus emergency phones.
For those on the Stafford Campus, a walking escort may be requested of the on-duty contracted security guard.