Bicycle Registration


Students who have a bikes on University property at the Fredericksburg Campus are required to register their bicycle with the University Police Department located at Brent Hall. To register your bike, you will need the following information:

1) Make

2) Model

3) Color

4) Serial Number

5) Wheel size

6) Number of Speeds

The serial number is usually found on the bottom of the bicycle between the pedals. Upon providing this information, a numbered decal is provided to be affixed to the bicycle in a highly visible location. Registration and this decal will aid in the proper idenfication of a person’s bicycle in the event of a theft. This is a FREE service and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is encouraged that a person bring their bicycle with them to the University Police Department at the time of registration if they are unfamiliar with the location of their serial number and need assistance in obtaining that information.

Bicycle racks are provided outside most residence hall and some academic buildings. There is no space available for storage of bicycles during the summer months. Bicycles left over the summer months will be rounded up and placed at Facilities Services. Attempts are made to contact the owner if known. Those not claimed will be disposed of in accordance with state regulations. Bicycle registrations provide the UMWPD with the proper information when contact of the owner it necessary.

Cyclists are expected to show courtesy to all pedestrians on Campus Walk. Cyclists are to provide pedestrians on Campus Walk with an audible (verbal, bell, horn) warning before passing.

Bicycles may not be stored or parked on campus walkways, steps, in building hallways, stairwells, doorways, or on stairs or wheelchair ramps.

Students can store their bicycles in their rooms between semesters, during semester vacations and during other times according to individual community standards.

Always remember to properly secure all bicycles to prevent theft.

Bicycles when used on University streets & public streets are subject to Virginia Motor Vehicle Laws and a cyclist can receive a Virginia Traffic Summons for infractions by University Police or local Police.