Where are the University of Mary Washington’s policies housed?
The University’s policies are located in BoardDocs, an online manual. Visit BoardDocs or view the University Policies page for a list of policies linking to BoardDocs.

How are the policies organized?
The manual is divided into 11 “Books,” seven of which represent the major areas of the University’s organization.  Within the books are “Sections,” each of which represents a specific functional area of the University administration.  Multiple policies may be contained within each of these sections.

Who manages University policies?
Policies are managed by the University Policy Committee.

How do I update a policy for my department?
The University Policy Committee member responsible for your department will work with you to update the policy. Please email the appropriate member with your request.

What is Policy News?
Policy News is an e-newsletter that is sent out each time a new or revised policy is published in BoardDocs. Sign up to receive updates by filling out the subscription form.

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